*Ghazni (Saljut x Gardenia)



*Ghazni was a very beautiful Kuhailan Adjuze sire line stallion. Linebred to the Triple Crown Winner TOPOL and with traces back to the superior race producer Sapina, his pedigree combines some of the most precious breeding of Tersk of Russia and Poland (US National Champion El Paso).
His half brother Ganimed was just named the most successful German Arabian racehorse of 1999.
*Ghazni’s foals consistently showed his short back and cannons, powerful hindquarters, tremendous movement and very kind, trainable mind. He sired beautiful, structural athletes destined to excel as performance horses in classic athletic competition who also have the potential to be treasured breeding stock representing some of the finest racing bloodlines available.


Our New book is out!
Our New book is out!












I am happy to let you know that the new book Linda Tellington -Jones and I wrote together about starting young horses under saddle and retraining older horses is now available ...so far in German and French and hopefully also soon in English!



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